UBC’s Asia Forest Research Center (AFRC) works as a cross-departmental entity within the UBC Faculty of Forestry, managing numerous complex relations with a wide range of different institutions across Asia. APFNet has supported many of UBC’s AFRC projects to research forest loss and degradation in the Asia Pacific region, including:

  1. Climate change research projects In the Asia Pacific region
  2. Asia Pacific Forestry Education Coordination Mechanism and Executive Office
  3. Asia Pacific Forest Education Survey and Report
  4. Sustainable Forestry Management Online Courses for the Asia Pacific region
  5. Capacity training for APFNet and member economies
  6. National Park Development and Training


It is hoped, through this establishment of the Americas Office, that UBC and APFNet will be able to facilitate collaboration between research institutions in North and South America to support even more efficient and effective steps toward sustainable forest management in the region.