The America’s office will work to bridge APFNet with its members and potential partners in Americas to meet these goals. The Americas office hopes to support efforts in the four key areas of capacity building, project development, regional policy dialogues, and communication & information sharing. These have been the four main ways APFNet has approached other regional efforts, described further in the links provided.


       Capacity Building

The Office will identify capacity-building opportunities including:

  • Thematic training workshops
  • Cooperation and coordination on forestry education
  • Scholarship programs

      Demonstration Projects

The Office will support project development, including:

  • Demonstration projects: showcasing best practices in forest rehabilitation and management
  • Research or policy-development projects: improving research and policies related to sustainable forest management
  • Capacity building projects: improving institutional capacity and decision-making

        Supporting Regional Policy Dialogues

The Office will promote regional policy dialogues, with a focus on:

  • Facilitating the development of a common understanding of forest and sustainable development-related issues in the region
  • Linking global policy agendas with economy-level policy development and actions

        Communication and Information Sharing

The Office will help facilitate communication and information sharing to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged by:

  • Collecting, collating, updating and sharing data and information on forest trends in the Americas
  • Developing communication tools and materials to target different groups in society