The Office is currently working to identify relevant institutions, partners, and projects in the Americas that fall under APFNet’s regional focus. Broadly, economies in  North and South America are being identified based on their regional proximity, the amount of vulnerable forested land within their political boundaries, and their capacity to commit to forest loss and degradation mitigation efforts. The countries under current focus include:

  •          Canada
  •          United States
  •          Mexico
  •          Peru
  •          Chile
  •          Ecuador


The Office will strategically collaborate with ministries, universities, research institutions, and agencies in North and South America, and regularly report back to APFNet offices in China. Further collaboration will be encouraged with projects in other areas of the Asia Pacific, in overlapping areas to further a broader understanding of sustainable forest practices.


We will also increase the Office’s presence by engaging in international events, such as the International Forest Research Organization’s XXV Congress, 2019, held in Brazil.

The following is a list of all countries and organizations we are developing partnerships with: